Monday, March 19, 2012

The Rusty Spoon - Orlando

After spending nearly a week in Florida sampling everything from lobster to sweet plantains, it wasn't until I discovered an innovative restaurant in Orlando that Florida finally earned a place on my culinary map.

My meal at the Rusty Spoon in Orlando was by far the best meal I had in my 3 week trip.  I started with a cucumber martini (best I've ever had) and a spin on deviled eggs with olives and sundried tomatoes.  Rich, creamy, deliciousness.  I followed up with braised lamb and cheesy polenta.  The photo, sadly, does not do the meal justice, but it was the bomb-digg.  I also dabbled with my friend's roasted cornnish hen, sweet potato mash, and roasted brussel sprouts.

All perfect. Lovely company. Worth a trip back :)

Stuffed Eggs - Lake Meadow Eggs Stuffed With tapenade, herbs & Oven Dried Tomatoes 

Braised Lamb and Polenta special

Lake Meadow Cornish Hen - 1/2 a Hen with Smashed Sweet Potatpes, Herbed Brussel Sprouts & Natural Jus

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