Sunday, March 25, 2012

Michael Jordan does more than play basketball

Apparently Michael Jordan likes steak.  I had the "opportunity" to eat at his steakhouse at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut during a soccer convention that I attended for work.  This is not my typical blog post, but it made the cut due to MJ's surprisingly good taste in food.  

My partner had the filet mignon while I went for the ahi tuna steak and roasted brussel sprouts with bacon.  Both good, a far cry from San Francisco's foodie finds, but a job well done.  The best part was that every single item down to the butter was monogramed with his initials.  I suppose his ego had to be boosted post NBA somehow.

Ahi tuna with roasted rice cake

Filet Mignon

Roasted sprouts with bacon.  Amazing!

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