Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Joe's Stone Crab - Miami

My life is pretty amazing.  In the last month, I’ve been able to travel to Miami, Orlando, New York, Connecticut, Boston, and Sao Paulo for work.  My favorite part is getting to try all the local specialties and discover new restaurants.  Last week, I had the privilege to explore Miami’s culinary offerings.   

My first stop was at the highly recommended Joe’s Stone Crab, so popular that they don’t need to take reservations.  There are probably 500+ seats in the place and not a single one was open.  The wait was over an hour, but after nearly gnawing off my left hand in anticipation I was left wondering – was it worth it? 

The stone crab claws were good, but fresh crab is hard to beat.  The stuffed tomato was awesome.  The key lime pie was tangy amazingness, but overall my socks weren’t knocked off.  It was a nice change compared to my typical seafood-less argie meals, but I wouldn’t be enthused to go back for anything other than the pie.

Bread basket

Stuffed Tomato

Halibut seafood chowder maybe?

The famous crab

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