Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Biggest and BEST Asado Argentino

Welcome home!!!

Normally when I see a BBQ full of meat, I think that I'm in for a boring dinner of overcooked steak and a decent chorizo.  Typically, I bring vegetables or demand a chicken to be grilled as well.  BUT my life changed the other week when I ate the RIGHT meat and now I have a new found respect for Argentine beef.  Key to an asado's success (at least for me) is a good asador, entraƱa, a nice rib (costilla), and chorizo. Sencillo.

This was a mega asado for 20 people with costilla de something, entrana, chorizo, morcilla, and other ridiculously good cuts of meat.  I had to add a little yankee flair with a potato and pesto salad.  All 10 puntos.

The magic grill
All it needs is a little salt
Yes please

My potato salad

Pesto pasta salad

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