Friday, February 3, 2012

My Grand Buenos Aires Return: Paraje Arevalo

After nearly 4 months of being in the States, I've returned to Buenos Aires with complete excitement to explore the new culinary options and pick up where I left off.  While I have come to terms with BA food being sub par to that of San Francisco, there are still plenty of good options (at least when you're willing to pay for them).

My first stop for my all-out-welcome-back meal was at Paraje Arevalo, a cute corner cafe with a 5 to 7 fix course menu.  The meal started off well with warm bread and nicely salted butter.  Then we moved onto a good, lightly fried eggplant popper.  The wine was abundant and I was optimistic.  Plate two - a slowly cooked egg - not bad.  Then a seafood risotto that was undercooked and really mediocre (not to mention a lack of actual seafood pieces).  We moved onto the main course, a white fish with green beans.  Overcooked, lacking flavor.  At this point, the wine was carrying me through.  Then the last course came - a chocolate cake for me and a panna cotta type thing for my date.  Respectable, but again, nothing to write home about.

All in all, 450 pesos later, I wouldn't go back.  It was ok, perhaps even good for BA standards, but if i'm going to spend one hundred dollars, I better be eating michelin star-worthy food and this was far from it.

And on a side note, they played one Frank Sinatra CD the whole time.  Humidity, ok food, and Frank on repeat… Let's just say I've had better nights.

Solid Bread Basket

Great butter


Slow cooked egg

Seafood Risotto (and nice try with the "bacon")

White fish and green beans

Chocolate Cake

Panna Cotta soup

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