Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Richmond - A trio of hotdogs!

The Richmond is a cute spot on Balboa and 7th in the Richmond District of San Francisco.  Apparently it's been open for 6 years, but only recently has climbed to the top of open table best in SF lists.  I thought I'd try it out because it's perhaps the most reasonably priced "upscale" restaurant I've come across in a while. 

I knew I had chosen well when the meal started off with 3 types of butter to top our warm, crusty baguette.  I moved onto a creamy and delicious pumpkin soup, while my friend could not resist the trio of hotdogs.  Chili dog, corn dog, and bacon-wrapped dog - come on!  I tasted the chili dog and it was awesome.  Then we ordered the salmon and bacon-wrapped steak.  We were clearly trying to balance out our bacon-guilt by ordering a few healthier options as well.  The Salmon was cooked perfectly, pink on the inside, moist, well seasoned.  The steak was decent, maybe even great for meat lovers, but I can't judge because I don't like red meat in general.  I'd probably opt for another item if I go back.

The overall meal was great, but edged on the salty side.  It's affordable and has a great wine list.  The best part is that I went two weeks ago and see that the online menu has already changed.  A sure sign of a good chef!

French bread with olive, salted, and sage butter

Pumpkin soup with roasted pepitas

Trio of hotdogs.  We went there.

Salmon over Ratatouille and tomato cream sauce

Bacon-wrapped steak with chard and potatoes

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