Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lesson: Never be a "girl" in a restaurant and order a salad

My philosophy in college was that salad took up important space in my stomach reserved for food that actually tasted good.  A freshman 15 later and the discovery of Farmer's markets, I began to realize that salads actually can taste awesome (well, at least my 22-ingredient ones do). 

BUT, my most recent restaurant meal has led me to revert back to my college stance.  At Dobbs Ferry Restaurant, my friend and I made the GRAND mistake of ordering salads.  They were boring and we sat at the table picking at our sad greens while salivating over everyone else's luscious pizzas and pastas.  The only thing that salvaged the meal was our fried squash and fondue appetizer, so delicious that I nearly ordered another.  Overall, the meal was not worth it and shame on me for trying to be healthy- always a bad move in a restaurant.

Fried squash and fondue dipping sauce

Large garden salad

Small beet salad

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