Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bubby's in Tribeca

One piece of advice if you go to Bubby's - order the baked goods or pancakes.  Bubby's is a cute, 24 hour, upscale diner with multiple locations in New York.  We waited for over an hour on a Sunday and I was blown away by the sweet dishes, but disappointed with the savory.  I ordered a chorizo and avocado omelette with a side of grits.  There was way too much chorizo in my omelette and I had to pick half of it out.  It also was one dimensional compared to my everything but the kitchen sink style omelettes I make at home.  This biscuits I ordered (and missed in the pic) were buttery, might have a heart attack, but don't care good.  A definite must even if you only have a bite.  My BFF, Darby, ordered the blueberry pancakes and I ended up eating her leftovers, because they were sweet, fluffy, moist, and perfect.  I'd opt for the pancakes next time if I go back.


Blueberry pancakes, eggs, and sausage

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