Thursday, September 8, 2011

Korea Town Eating Adventure

Restaurant Mido is quickly becoming a favorite among expats in Buenos Aires, and for good reason.  Mido is a Korean all-you-can-eat BBQ in Flores that doesn't skimp on the portions (hence the all-you-can-stuff policy) or the flavor.  You arrive to a very humble restaurant with tables all set up with 20 different side dishes to pile onto your meat and rice bowls.  They bring plates of already marinated, raw pork, beef, and prawns to grill yourself on the "hotplate" at each table.  You put together crazy creations with seaweed and kimchi, drink a little too much soju, and most wander across the street after for a grand ol' karaoke sesh!  I really wanted it to be the best food ever, but it was just really good, not knock my socks off spectacular.  But we ate until we could explode and drank beer and soju without limits for $100 pesos each.  Not bad at all for what you got.  It's quite the trek and in a bit of a sketch neighborhood, but it's worth it.  Gather up the gaggle of amigos and poner las pilas because it's a unique experience in BA.

Raw meat plate, slightly overwhelming at first

Grill sesh #1

Happy customers

Sauce was the bomb and so were my lettuce wraps

And the creativity begins

Note ALL the alcohol next to Talia

And then things started getting out of control

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