Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Randall's: American Diner in Buenos Aires

I heard quite a bit of hype about Randall's in Palermo from the expat world looking for a real diner experience.  The is nothing more "American" than greasy, soak-up-the-hangover, brunch food on a Sunday morning and Randall's didn't disappoint.  We ordered pancakes and the philly cheese steak, which I know, is quite the combination!  (Worse is that we were about to order chili-cheese hotdogs and pancakes, but they were out of hotdogs). 

The pancakes were sweet and fluffy.  The philly cheese steak had an interesting, slightly greasy sauce dripping out that I didn't much care for, but it was equally good.  An overall plus in my book and if I weren't going back to the US for 4 months in a couple weeks, I'd definitely go back to Randall's to get my US fix. 

Buttermilk Pancakes with a fried egg

Philly cheese steak

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