Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bi Won is the Bi-Bomb

This will, semi-sadly, be my last BA food post in a while.  I just moved back to the US for 4 months and while I'm extremely sad to have left BA, I've already been to my favorite Japanese restaurant and whole foods - so I'm in food heaven yet again.  You can expect LOTS of San Francisco food posts very soon. 

While in BA, however, I finally made it to Bi Won, a Korean restaurant in Congreso that had been on my list for years.  The atmosphere was pretty boring, but the service and food made up for it big time.  We ordered the bibimbap, a rice dish with veggies, eggs, and a sweet-spicy sauce.  The waiter mixes it all up for you and it's perfect.  Then we ordered the BBQ pork of some sort (I can't remember the name), but it was on the first page of the menu and an absolute must.  Sweet, spicy, interesting, tender, the bi-bomb.  In fact, if I go back, I'm going to have to order both of those dishes again and an additional two because I don't think I could go without them.  We also order a bottle of soju which is a Korean sake of sorts and really delicious.  Plates are aboout $60 pesos each on average, but they come with all those sides you see.  It's a great deal for all the food, and probably a more fun place to go in a big group.  Put it on the list!


Side dishes


BBQ Pork

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