Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ok one more BA post: Lo de Carlitos

Dessert crepe free for bdays

Lo de Carlitos is a chain restaurant in BA that specializes in Crepes.  And by specialize, I mean offer 450 different variations of the crepe, LITERALLY.  We went a few weeks ago for Joanna's 25th bday and did some damage ordering about 10 different crepes.  We started with the savory route (except for joanna), and finished with a dessert round (joanna orders again)!  I don't really know what we ended up with.  A number 327, 421, 578, etc, etc.  Chicken with avocado, cheesy veggie version, I can't quite remember because, besides the crepe batter, the savory crepes were entirely forgettable.  The dessert crepes, on the other hand, are pretty delicious.  It's hard to go wrong with pancake, dulce de leche, ice cream, fruit, chocolate sauce, whip cream, sugar, sugar and more sugar.  I wouldn't go back to this place, but if you find yourself hanging out in Lo de Carlitos, go sweet or go home.

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