Saturday, September 24, 2011

Niji - Japanese Restaurant Review

Grilled Octopus

Sushi Roll

Gyoza - looks bigger than it was.  We ate them all!

Combo Platter with Fish, sashimi, sweet potato, tofu, miso soup and rice

Niji is a relatively authentic Japanese restaurant in Belgrano.  I had read some good stuff about it and was VERY excited to give it a try.  Some things were the bomb, but it was an overall let down in my opinion.  First off, the service was a joke.  There was ONE menu to share with the whole restaurant and the waitress kept taking pieces of it away before we decided.  It's also in Japanese with no prices so it's kind of a point and hope for the best situation.  It was topped off when we ordered the 500 ml sake and she brought a small bottle, sneakily divided into 2 pitchers.  I new that it was less than 500ml so I asked her to bring the rest once we finished the original portion.  She freaked out and explain that they only had 300ml left because they had run out, and was sorry for the mix up.  The 300 peso bill came with the large sake crossed out and the price reduced.  They totally tried to skimp us and charge extra.  Not cool!

The grilled octopus was good, gyoza was pretty good.  Sushi and sashimi were great, and the fish and sides were just ok.  It's authentic and a cute place, but for the price, I wouldn't go back.

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