Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eating my way through Tandil

Last week I took a lovely weekend trip to Tandil, Argentina.  I saw a promotion in Groupon for an estancia there at a super great price.  I had never been to an estancia and was intrigued by the free horseback riding, pool, hiking, and home cooked meals.  I must admit that I was sold on the trip when I heard Tandil is known for its great cheese and cured meats.  Rich and I hopped on 5 hour bus ride at (kill me now) 8am from Retiro and arrived 5 hours later.  The food at the hotel was great and the cheese and smoked ham picnics were even better!  I definitely recommend a trip to Tandil if you have the chance.

Una Esquina con Queso!

Hotel Meals: 

Veggie Risotto
Pork stir fry
Pork with grilled pears and apples
Homemade Truffles

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