Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sottovoce: Restaurant in my TOP 5

Lamb Involtini


A few people had mentioned Sottovoce in passing, but it seemed like a stuffy, italian food, foreigner haven and I never really had the ganas to test it out.  Last night, however, I tried to go to one of my favorite restaurants, Juana M, for its bomb-dig, endless salad bar, but it was CLOSED.  Devastated and starving, I went straight to the only restaurant I knew in the area: Sottovoce.

The restaurant had nothing going for it: a pasta-dominant menu, $100 pesos appetizers, a bunch of wealthy old people, but I needed to eat so I sucked it up and played the old "convert to dollars so as to feel better about the prices game."

We ordered the rabbit of the day (conejo a la cazadora) and the lamb involtini.  The rabbit was roasted with mushrooms, tomatoes, and the most incredible sauce EVER.  And when I say ever, I nearly took it home along with the rabbit bones to make a soup base.  The lamb was rolled thin, stuffed with mushrooms and grilled to perfection.  It came with fried polenta (key to my heart) and I loved it.  A little wine and pure happiness.  Sottovoce definitely gets my official stamp of approval.


  1. Oh I miss it! We used to go there all the time when we lived at the hotel. :)

    Miss you, too!

  2. This looks delicious, hope everything is good!

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