Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lúcuma: Peruvian Speezy of the Week

A veces the need for fresh seafood calls and when it calls, Peruvian ceviche is the only answer in Buenos Aires.  The other week, I discovered the sweetest little Peruvian restaurant in Amalgro: Lúcuma.  I don't really want to blow the restaurant up because there are only 5 tables in the place and I'll be pissed if I start seeing a fat line outside next time I want some ceviche-socks.

Overall, the restaurant is perfect for a great, well-priced, good meal. The service was excellent, most notably from the 12 year old hostest/waitress/bar tender.  It's a family-owned spot and they go above and beyond to make the experience great.  Part of which included the FREE cocktail of chicha morada (peruvian fruit juice) and fernet.  I HATE fernet, but this was good!

We also ordered the quinoa, sun dried tomato, fresh farmer's cheese, and pesto salad.  Simple, bright, good.  Then we shared an abundant plate of ceviche mixto.  Besides the cilantro (kill me now) which I asked for on the side, it was great.  The best part were the corn nuts!

Conclusion: good spot worth a visit.

Fernet and chicha morada cocktail

Quinoa, sun dried tomato, cheese, pesto salad

Ceviche mixto

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