Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Buenos Aires Staples: Sarkis and Sudestada

Sarkis and Sudestada are my two favorite BA go-to's.  Whenever I need cheap, tasty, and different my move is Sarkis.  Whenever I need spicy (and I mean bad ranking in guiaoleo because Argie's can't handle it spicy) I go to Sudestada.  Definitely give both these a try if you haven't yet and be sure to order the following items:

Sarkis - falafel and chicken or lamb fierro/kebab/whatever it's called COMPLETO with the yogurt on the side.  The yogurt is amazing, thick, doesn't exist in BA style so it's a must on the completo, but you need to ask for it "a parte" or you'll get screwed by an excess of it drenching everything.  

Sudestada - the jalapeno cocktail, the grilled rabbit, and the curry special.  Ask for extra picante if you like spicy because it's LEGIT, almost borderline too spicy for me, but a welcome change from typical argie fare where carne picante empanadas may as well be dulce in my opinion.

Both places are winners and not to be missed.

Chicken kebab completo 


Yogurt on the side

Fish balls - AMAZING

Grilled Rabbit

Green curry chicken

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