Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BBQ Town: A "picar"er's dream

"Picar" means to "pick at" in Spanish, most commonly used to refer to picking at your food.  I love picaring and if you're variety-seeking, want to try everything, buffet-loving person like myself then BBQ town is the place for you.

At BBQ town, you're served all-you-can-eat Korean side dishes including peanuts, eggs, calamari, etc to accompany grill yourself, marinated meats and prawns. You can (and will) eat until you wish you had stopped about ten "this is my LAST bites" later.  But it's good, seemingly fresh, and fun.  I prefer BBQ Town to the Flores original version because there are more side dishes, better service, and no need to worry about getting robbed on the way out.  The most satisfying $90 pesos a person place in Buenos Aires these days...

Joanna and Dario getting ready to chow down

Side dish section 1

Side dish section 2

Side dish section 3

Spicy seafood soup

Prawns and panceta

Pork and beef

Cooking action

Anna action

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