Monday, November 14, 2011

Fritto Misto: Pasta in Santa Monica

As evident from the following photos, my recent stint at Fritto Misto with an old friend from college was by no means a light meal.  Fritto Misto is famous for it's homemade pastas and for good reason.  The menu has 2 pages of suggested pasta combos or you can design your own.  I'm not usually a pasta person, but there is literally nothing else on the menu so I went for the pesto, chicken pasta.  There is an option for a "lighter" version strictly underscored with a comment that you will be compromising flavor if choosing this option. I, however, will most certainly choose this option in the future because there was a little too much fat, I mean "flavor", on my regular plate.  A great choice for pasta lovers, but I would have liked to see a fish or pizza on the menu as well. 

Pesto pasta with chicken and more pesto

Spicy chicken pasta

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