Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Benu Restaurant San Franisco

On my 4 days trip to San Francisco, I took the opportunity to eat at the restaurant voted "best new restaurant in the US" Benu.  The chef learned under Thomas Keller at French Laundry and there was a ridiculous amount of hype surrounding his solo-venture.  The hype, unfortunately, was better than the food.  The menu is a la carte or a $160 per person fixed tasting menu, which we should have ordered in the end I suppose, but due to funds, we opted to order a few plates that really llamared la atencion.  It was good, but I wouldn't go back any time soon. In fact, I also ate at Range that week and forgot my camera, but it was awesome and I'd go back any time!

Housemade Tofu



Uni Risotto

Lamb 3 ways

Pear braised beef


Coffee and Truffles

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