Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Casa Mun - New "secret" restaurant

Sashimi and Sushi
Casa Mun is a new closed door restaurant in Palermo/Barrio Norte.  I must admit that I was initially attracted to the dim sum on the menu.  Yes, you read that right: DIM SUM, otherwise known as DIM to the mother effing SUM!!!  If there is one category of food that I miss the most, it could possibly be dim sum and casa mum didn't disappoint.  There were not, unfortunately, lovely Asian ladies carrying around carts of dumplings for me to point at request, but the BBQ pork bun he made was to die for.

The restaurant is in the Chef's house and is only open on Saturday nights.  His business partner takes care of the wine (4 generous glasses and a little champagne reception I might add) as chef Mun prepares a 5 course "trip to Asia".  We had everything from delicate sushi, to spicy tacos, to wasabi guacamole.  Everything was great, the ambiance was fun, and I thought it was a good deal for $190 pesos a piece.  Put it on the list ladies and gents!

Chinese Dim Sum
Korean “Dak Bulgogi” Tacos
Korean “Bibimbap”

Torta Chocolate with Fresh Berries

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