Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bobo Restuarant

After perusing Guia Oleo for a while as I tend to do...daily, I decided to check out the restaurant in the Bobo hotel.  The meal was pretty excellent, probably in the top 10 I've had in BA just for creativity alone (the amazing bread basket didn't hurt either).  The menu was either a la carte or a tasting menu which I opted for because the more food I get to try, the happier I am.  Definitely a beautiful spot, with a nice patio, good food, and good service that is worth a visit.  Here's what I ate:

- Gazpacho de palta y naranja
- Trio de entradas: roasted shrimp, panceta, and cherry tomatoes / toast with chicken curry / stuffed mushrooms with ham and mustard cream sauce
- Pork with sweet potatoes and grilled pears and apples
- Fish leeks, tomatoes, and cream sauce with mussles
- Tasting platter of desserts (dulce de leche cheesecake was the bomb).

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