Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kansas City BBQ: Un asado estilo EEUU!

Kansas City BBQ is on point.  The brisket and ribs are so tender they fall off the bone.  The turkey and chicken are delicious and still leave you feeling slightly healthy.  The thick-cut white wonder bread makes you reconsider ever buying wheat bread again.  The sauces are sweet and spicy, not vinegar based.  The sides and dessert top off an already too indulgent meal, but are so good you don't care.  In fact, I loved the BBQ at Arthur Bryant's and Jack Stacks so much that I, not the boys, requested to go two nights in a row, and I'm going to get some for my plane ride back to Argentina this evening. 

If ever in Kansas City, please stop by one of these two restaurants.  Arthur's is more hole-in-the-wall, famous for just being the best.  Jack Stacks is also great, but the sides are what win out.  If I had to choose just one, I'd go for Arthur Bryant's and order the POUND of meat with burnt ends and ribs.  (It's a pound minimum and America at it's finest).   So while Kansas City in general didn't llamar mucha atencion, it's BBQ was worth the trip alone.

P.S. some photos didn't come out great with my phone.

Counter and menu at Arthur Bryant's

"Open faced sandwich" with burnt ends and chicken

Small portion of ribs and beef

Brisket and Turkey with baked beans and cheesy corn

Mega sampler platter

Best carrot cake of all time (except for the one I make)!

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