Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Splendid Trip to Carmelo, Uruguay (with lots of eating)!

Leaving Buenos Aires

The visa challenge strikes again!  My 3 months were up and after passing the mark last time, I figured I'd take the chance to set things straight, leave when required, and explore a little more of Uruguay.  I decided to see what Carmelo was all about.  It's just as easy to get to as Colonia and only costs $200 pesos vs Colonia's $300!  Who knew??  The boat leaves from Tigre and there's a shuttle from 9 de Julio.  Super easy, on time, good service. 

Needing a nice relaxing weekend, we splurged and stayed at the finca y granja narbona.  The website is silly and you need to click on the right property because one man clearly owns all of Carmelo and everything is related.  The finca has 3 perfect rooms, a winery, and a great restaurant.  It was fantastic in every way!

The finca is known for it's pasta and risotto, so we ordered a pasta sampler and veggie risotto.  Good, but the star of the show were the crackers, homemade cheese and dulce de leche.  Other days we ate steak and the classic chivito sandwich and asado.  You heard it here first folks: steak is BETTER in URUGUAY than Argentina.  Everything was delicious.  Carmelo is low key and beautiful.  Colonia definitely has more going on, but I'd choose Carmelo over Colonia for the visa trip any day.

Finca Narbona pasta sampler


Restaurant Don Gato postre

Baked goods and cheeses from Narbona

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