Sunday, July 10, 2011

Herman: The Argiest of all Argie Restaurants

Sometimes when the resaca is going strong and the lazy factor is even stronger, I make poor decisions to try something new.  The other weekend was a prime example of my poor decision making abilities.  I went to Herman for brunch, a TYPICAL Argie restaurant known for its awesome milanesas and nothing else.  In the mood for eggs, I ordered the "colchon of eggs baked in tomato sauce and peas."  Sounded decent, so I gave it a try.  GRAVE error.  It was the biggest asco I've ever tried to put down in my life.  Uncooked eggs, way too much sauce, just terrible.  I even sent it back to cook longer because while I like my eggs runny, I don't much care for the whites to be runny as well.  Bottom line, go for milanesas ONLY.

"Colchon of eggs, tomatoes, and peas"

Suprema Nepolitana

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