Monday, June 27, 2011

Restaurant Review: Almacen Secreto

I'm a big fan of closed door restaurants and have slowly been checking each one off my list.  My latest pick was Almacen Secreto in Villa Crespo.  The reviews were pretty good on Guia Oleo and I had heard some good things about it.  I was also intrigued by the menu because there are a ton of options compared to most closed door restaurants with a fixed menu.

The neighborhood is slightly deserted which worried me a bit, but once you get inside, it's the cutest little place ever.  A lovely garden that would be awesome in the summer, cool paintings of the walls, overall good onda.  The menu is divided by region in Argentina so there are a lot of choices.  We read about the goat cheese provoleta, so ordered that right off the bat.  It was 30 pesos, but came in two HUGE chucks, one of which I brought home and just ate with my dinner!  Kind of expensive for an appetizer, but not when you consider the portion size.  Then we ordered the fish al horno de barro and cazuela de pollo.  The fish was good, but a little fatty for my taste and the veggies it came with were super boring.  The chicken was cooked in a cazuela, but not served as a stew like I expected.  It was ok, but nothing to write home about.  The bread was bomb and we had a little empanada to start which was also delish.

Overall, cute place and pretty good food, but nothing exceptional.  And if you go, don't get the pisco sour because it sucked.

Provoleta de queso de Cabra (1/2 portion)

Cazuela de Pollo

Pescado al horno


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