Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Food explorations in the North of Argentina

Quinoa and veggies
 My mom and I went to Salta and Jujuy the other week which is my most recommended travel destination in Argentina.  I loved it, not only for the 1 peso empanadas, but for the changing terrain that goes from lush green mountains, to desert, to jungle, to vineyards in a matter of 100 miles.  To negate each day's walking, we did our best to find the most delicious food and taste everything.  Special plates there range from quinoa to empanadas to humitas to llama to lamb.  Very, very good and very, very cheap compared to Buenos Aires.  If you're in Argentina long enough, you have to make it to the north.

Humita - a must!!

Trout with pesto

Cheese and grape appetizer

Humita casserole

More quinoa

Andean gazpacho

Chicken salad

Squash and zucchini soup

Quinoa tartelettes

Cheese lasagna with humita


  1. MADE ME HUNGRY!!!!! la primera foto parece riquisima

  2. love it all, happy to see you back and writing!