Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thanksgiving in summer

My first plate: stuffing, turkey, cornbread, zuchini bread, squash lentil salad, beet and green bean salad, cheese biscuits
Thanks to our good friend Ro, telling her Father all about the Thanksgiving dinner we cooked last year, he invited us girls to cook him the same feast during the last 4 day weekend.  We jumped at the chance to cook our favorites and test out some new recipes.  Not the lightest meal in summer's history, but so delicious it was worth it.  Luckily it was gray and rainy the next day so bathing suits were kept far, far away!  Recipes for my dishes to come in the next blog!
Talia preparing the love to stuff in the turkey
One done turkey

Beet, green beans, panceta, and walnut salad
Squash, lentil, feta cheese, and almond salad
Self-serve table of turkey, cornbread, stuffing and gravy
Everyone all ready to dig-in!

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